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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NTotD: A Manicure's BFF

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This is a new series I really hope I can keep up for awhile.  Nail Tip of the Day/Tip of the Day!  Every once in awhile, I'll share one of my tips that has made a huge difference in health, ease, appearance, or method and made this whole journey worth my time and effort.

If there is anything that does more damage to nails than getting soaked and soft, I don't know what it is.  I know, I know, most of you would say a lot of things!  But here's how I see it, nothing else matters, if they get so soft regularly during housework like dishes, that they bend and split or peel or tear right off.  You can't poison them, dry them out, stain them, or anything if you don't have them!  So I ALWAYS! make sure to have gloves on hand.  

I keep a heavier pair of dish gloves and I never ever opt out of them.  I take the time to put them on for even one single dish to be washed.  It takes just a second and makes a huge difference in nail health.  The other ones I keep on hand are disposable nitrile gloves (I'm latex sensitive).  I throw these on anytime I'm doing anything that is a chemical or physical risk to my nails that I don't want to use my dish gloves for.  Scrubbing with chemicals I don't want to worry about transferring to our eating surfaces, check!  Digging all the crapola out of the cracks of the backseat of the car that two kids leave behind, check!  Yes, even just that.  All that digging puts stress on the nail and can tear them or lead to micro-splits that lead to easier breakage, I find that the gloves take some of that stress off of them.  If you look back at my first post and my most recent manicure, you can see the difference.  This is one of the two single biggest changes in protecting my nails since I started this journey about 7 weeks ago. (Please ignore the middle finger, that's the one that got chopped to the quick by my poor knife work when cooking)  

The other huge benefit is it prevents chipping and peeling of your manicure!  When your nails get wet, they bend and polish is a lacquer, it doesn't bend well and this allows it to peel off.  It also causes separations that allow it to chip easier.  Wearing them during dry but physically cumbersome tasks like the above car cleaning, protects the manicure from getting chips and scratches too.  

One experiment I'm curious about is using lotion in the disposable ones to moisturize while working similar to the cotton glove at night idea.  I can't try it myself though because with the length of my nails, they'd get too moist and become soft and easily breakable while going about my day.  I bet it would be great for someone who keeps their nails trimmed much closer to the finger tip.  What are your best nail tips?


  1. doesn't it damage nails by re-doing nail polish often? that's why i don't do my nails very often. nail lady here told me to use some gel polish? no idea. might try it next time i go in for a pedi.

    1. Great question! There are some ifs, ands, or butts to this question, so many, that I'll be doing a spotlight post soon just to answer these questions!