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Sunday, May 20, 2012


This blog is an experiment of sorts.  I want to see if I can grow my nails out, break the nail picking habit, use manicuring my nails as a sort of psychotherapy, improve my manicuring skills, and find out if I enjoy blogging about them.  I've learned a lot so far, and over the next few weeks I'll talk about that.

For today, the first one I photographed, these were done about 4 days ago on a whim, before I had settled into any idea that I really wanted to get into painting my nails.  No top or base coats, both colors are from the Wet n Wild - Wild Shine line; the base is one coat of Lavender Creme with one coat of Sparked on top.

Not a clue why this is called Lavender anything though, it's most certainly pink with not a hint of purple anywhere to be found.  Sparked is a pretty high density glitter.  For a $0.99 bottle, it goes one well, has great coverage, and is great fun for my two little girls.  It has taught me that I will NEVER wear glitter without 100% acetone around ever again though!  This is the most difficult to remove glitter I have used to date.

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