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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Citrus Funky French and a Fix-it Tip!

I did a super cute funky french today, but first, you need to see my take from Rite Aid's Revlon 40% off sale!

R-L:  Mysterious, Whimsical, Midnight Affair, Sassy, Zealous

$3 each, and there's some deal where you accumulate $30 in nail purchases and get $10 back.  Well, I had quite a bit already accumulated, so I have another $10 to spend on polish!  Heh.

On to the manicure and my fix.

The bottom layer is Zealous with Sassy for the tips.  I LOVE both of these colors, but the Zealous really needs "underwear", lol.  I think I got up to 4 coats when I said, good enough.  It's probably great over something, and I can't wait to try it, but that's not today.  The lack of opacity is the root of today's problem though.  I did my coats, put a coat of SV on it because I knew I'd be stuck on the couch for hours waiting to do the tips without, then I went out to take a picture of them and dinged on of my thumbs with my camera.

Now see, the way that SV works is that it rapid dries over your wet polish while allowing your polish to dry.  Well, with 4 coats and high humidity, you end up with this dry, gelatinous nail for quite awhile.  The ding was actually, much larger, but I'd already started work when I thought to take a picture.  Since the top is dry and the under is wet, just massage it to move some of the wet polish back into the area.  I couldn't fill it all in here because the SV had adhered to my nail at the "point of impact".  Once it is as good as it is going to get from massage, place a drop of polish into the ding, move it around so it's about level with the rest.  Don't worry about perfect blending, that'll be dealt with next.  Next, another coat of SV to seal it in and hide the fix.  

All gone!  The only remnant, if you look VERY closely at the center of the nail, you can see some squiggly lines from the reaction between the massaged polish and the additional coats of SV.

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